This week, Jay and Anisa are covering face mask face-offs, Florida or the Field, the latest deadly hijinks from Filipino President Duterte, epic PPP fraud, a riot at the putt putt place, media personalities eating crow, Biden supporters eating shit and more!


Plus, look for appearances from the Big Apple Berserker, Sam from the Liberal Show, a racist Italian grandmother and a positively mental mentalist!


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If you want to listen to a foul-mouthed cretin and a jive-talkin' goof talk sports and talk shit, check out new episodes every Friday night at 7:30.  You can even call in and be a part of the show by calling ‪(702) 551-3417‬!


This week, Vinny and Rae Rae cover baseball "brawls", Houston having problems, the Marlins on lockdown, the 'rona running wild, NFL opt-outs, Colin Kaepernick and Megan Rapinoe documentaries, the WNBA thinking it's relevant, Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. in a potentially fatal old man exhibition bout, Dr. Fauci's MLB rookie card, Adam Cole acting small on the Pat McAfee Show, the Seattle Kraken's booming merchandise sales and more - plus, Vinny handicaps the Stanley Cup Playoffs!


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Thank you for joining us on another trip through the Twilight Zone of moronism as we cover public defecation, brainless governance from Lori Lightfoot and Gavin Newsom, sexual stupidity, "Florida Man or the Field", the war on chicken wings and so much more!


Featuring Dr. Larry, Rudy the Baseball Fan, Dr. Felsmere, Rae Rae Robinson and Vinny V on a really lively call-in line!


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Warning! You’re about to experience Vegas Victories with Vinny V & Rae Rae Robinson. Vinny V is a foul-mouthed pervert who is unabashedly racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic and, well, let’s just say he’s a bit of an asshole. So unless you’re about to get real cool with a lot of things real fast, sports fans, you might just want to tune out for this one.


This week, the guys cover "woke" sports leagues, big trouble in the NBA Bubble, the return of Iron Mike, International soccer insanity, the newest members of the NHL and the NFL, why you don't hassle the Nature Boy and more - including ballsy predictions for the NBA restart!


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Is there a mask to protect against stupidity? Because apparently it's contagious as Jay and Anisa once again have more morons in their sights than time on the clock. This week, they cover criminal synchronicities, perverted police, hypocritical health departments, TikTok shenanigans, one of the boldest attempts at voter fraud ever, fun with electrocution and more!

Featuring LueEllen, Mac and Ben in Boston on the call-in line and parody commercials from the Creepy Joe campaign and a website that registers your dead relatives to vote.

Don't miss this one!

Degenerate gambler Vinny V & ex-basketball player Rae Rae Robinson are back with their take on the week in sports. This time, they're covering transexual swimsuit models, NBA players watching porn in the Disney Bubble, the best and worst of Major League Baseball personnel in the age of corona, the Top 10 replacement nicknames for the Washington Redskins, DeSean Jackson quoting Hitler and whether or not Southern football fans will resort to eating zoo animals if the 2020 SEC season gets cancelled.

Disclaimer: Vinny V is unabashedly racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic and, well, let’s just say he’s a bit of an asshole. So unless you’re about to get real cool with a lot of things real fast, sports fans, you might just want to tune out for this one….

We're back from the holiday break and back to the usual WOM insanity as Jay and Anisa talk Joe Biden's dementia, Kanye West for president, contradictory medical advice in the age of the 'rona, virtue-signaling police departments, racist restauranteurs and more!

Plus, we get calls to the hotline from a pandemic-panicked paramedic, Perry Winkle and Doug in Denver - who's in danger of getting his dong chopped off by his new boss.

Yep, more dick jokes. Enjoy!

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Apparently, degenerate Las Vegas loudmouth Vinny V is now using his access to the War On Morons studio to host his own sports talk radio show!

But hey, who are we to complain about bonus content?

This week, Vinny and Rae Rae talk competitive eating, Vince McMahon, ballplayers calling out sick, the Redskins name controversy, the price of hookers and blow in various third world countries and whether or not Juvenile wrote the Black National Anthem. Plus, with Opening Day finally in sight, they give their early betting picks for the 2020 World Series.

If you think we should let this jackass come back next week, let us know!

In the meantime, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled WOM programming with Jay and Anisa on Monday, July 13th.


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Surprise! To thank our loyal RSS followers, we're dropping the July 6th episode over a week in advance!

This week, loudmouth Vegas oddsmaker Vinny V and his ex-basketball player pal Rae Rae Robinson take over the hosting duties as Jay and Anisa are on vacation. They cover moronic mayors, fake hate crimes and plenty of perverts along with several "best of" clips from the first half of 2020.

Featuring Jimmy James, the Steel City Enforcer, Dr. Larry, Dr. Ding Dong & Barry Helpful and more!

We're on fire this week - and not because of all the errant fireworks in the neighborhood! As the craziest year on record reaches its halfway point, the War On Morons covers face mask fisticuffs, Sunday school slobberknockers, activism by arson and closeted cartoon characters. By the end of the show, we don't know whether AOC or Andrew Cuomo is the biggest idiot in New York, but we do know whether Winnie the Pooh frequents glory holes in the Hundred Acre Wood.... Yep, this one gets pretty weird.

Featuring appearances from Reverend Jeremiah, @gabbigore97 and Pam from Santa Cruz.

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