The idiots are taking over.... or are they? Jay and Anisa cover all the latest post-election fallout in an electile dysfunction edition of WOM!

This week:

* Imma let you finish, but Yeezy's gotta pump those numbers up
* Shrooms and shrinks in DC
* Legalized crack and heroin in Oregon
* COVID is cured!
* "If you don't vote for me, you ain't dead!"
* Gubernatorial necromancy
* Democrats waste a few hundred million bucks on spam
* Prank call disenfranchisement
* PC Liberals go full-blown racist
* And plenty more...

Plus - appearances from Pam in Santa Cruz, Ernie in Ypsilanti, Rudy the Baseball Fan and Laquinta in Detroit, with Santa Claus and Nimsy the Christmas Elf dropping by to announce their rebrand for 2020!

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#politicalhumor #parody #comedy

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