It's a special guest-hosted episode for #Thanksgiving week as Jay and Anisa are out and the doctor is in! Oklahoma's favorite flippant pop psychologist Dr. Larry takes a break from hosting his dubious self-help show to cover the week in stupidity and field calls and voicemails from the weirdos in the WOM audience.

Dr. Larry covers anxieties about Thanksgiving gatherings, racist candy, feline incontinence, election rigging, trans babies, mask ordinances,  back-alley kung-fu and S&M furries.... Yeah, we have a feeling we're gonna regret this one.

Also featuring psychotic minor league baseball mascot Chuck Chickaree, job-hopping pothead Doug in Denver, cat mom Mindy in Norfolk and a lawyer war between James, Jameson & Johnson and Gomez & Gonzalez!

Remember - the first and best place to catch the War On Morons is on the Hamin Media Group, every single Tuesday. If you're watching or listening on our original channels, you're watching late!



#comedy #parody #politicalhumor #stupidcriminals

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