We're in for a New Year's Eve treat as loudmouth oddsmaker Vinny V and former semi-pro basketball star Rae Rae Robinson guest host the show all the way from Las Vegas! The guys ring out the moronic year that was with some of their favorite WOM bits from 2020 as well as their spin on the past week's Stack of Stupidity. Including:

* More covid rules that don't make any sense
* Joke sports added to the Olympic games
* Some guy hires a famous UFC announcer to dump his girlfriend
* Playing politics with Santa
* Replacing Jesus with.... Dr. Fauci?
* Making wine out of wastewater
* Fun with cannibalism

- Plus, standout appearances from "Fake News" Frank San Bernardino, "Brainboozled!" magician Bryan Bedford, Dave the Distracted Dwarf, Doug in Denver, Cynthia in Queens and plenty more!

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