Jay and Anisa return from the holiday break and pick things up in 2021 just where they left off, with a stupendous stack of stupidity! This week, they're covering:

* The Woke Mob cancels some unlikely historical figures
* "Pro-Fat Activists" don't want to hear about your New Year's resolutions
* West Coast Democrats push to legalize theft
* The University of Michigan forms the Words Matter Task Force to keep people from using racist language like "picnic" and "brown bag"
* The ever-shifting Overton Window brings LGBT to cartoons and comic books
* A US state government issues an instruction manual  for orgies
* And much more!

Plus, watch for appearances from sales sociopath Marc "The Shark" Santini, Infowarrior Ernie from Ypsilanti fresh out of jail and on his way to DC in a suspicious RV, the appropriately-named Karen from Columbia and our resident ambulance-chasing lawyer Jimmy James, who has a plan to sue 2020!

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