Jay and Anisa return to cure your post-Thanksgiving hangover with an overflowing plate of foolishness. This week, they're covering Gestapo governors, the life-sustaining power of Trump hatred, #FloridaMan #StupidCriminal all stars, trading organs for iPhones and more!

Also featuring heavy metal star Dirk Shokker, Dave the distracted dwarf, the South Florida Berserker and SueEllen giving her take on her sister LueEllen's disastrous #Thanksgiving2020.

Remember - the first and best place to catch the War On Morons is on the Hamin Media Group, every single Tuesday. If you're watching or listening on our original channels, you're watching late!

Audio: https://haminmediagroup.podbean.com/

Video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnZkzOodkDzBN5wiunvCXkg

#comedy #parody #politicalhumor #stupidcriminals

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