Jay and Anisa heckle another hilarious handful of headlines from the week that was, including:

* Communist spies sleep their way through Congress, one farting idiot at a time
* YouTube is getting censor-happy again* Lefty Mall Santa makes a kid cry
* Sheriff's department puts up a "thug Christmas tree"
* Some school teacher loses her mind at an anti-lockdown protest
* Racist: Christmas lights, saying "Merry Christmas", winning a boxing match and being born in America.* Not racist: Mandating people to get shots based on their skin color?
Plus, on the WOM hotline:

* Bob the Reformed Conspiracy Theorist debunks the alien agenda* Lara the Alien Lover sends out good vibes to the universe
* Mindy in Norfolk leaves Mr. Mittens with a really handsy pet sitter
* Mac in Brooklyn might be running a scam "for the troops"
* Some shady detective type threatens us

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