It's a special Christmas edition of WOM!

No news this week, just a ridiculous holiday variety show with some of our favorite WOM comedy characters from 2020! Washed-up 80s rocker Dirk Shokker finally has his chance at a comeback with his very own holiday special, featuring his heavy metal Christmas anthem "F*ck You Santa!" and segments like...

* Delilah and Delroy's Holiday Cooking Show

* Spooky Christmas Ghost Stories with Ken & Esmeralda from the Spectre Inspector Squad

* Biden Claus & Nimsy Pelosi read 'Twas the Night Before Inauguration

* LueEllen's Cage Kids Christmas Choir sings a holiday medley

* High Priest Jeremiah & Professor Canterbury summon Krampus the Christmas Demon

* Appearances from Honey Biscuit Jackson, the West Coast Gang of Good Persons, Mac from Brooklyn, TJ Epstein (no relation) and more!

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