Well it looks like it's official - the stupidest people on the planet are taking over absolute control of the USA! It's almost like we were made for this moment... but how long will we even be allowed  on the Internet to talk about it? Stay tuned to find out.

In the meantime, check in this week as we cover...

* A whole lot of amen and awomen storm the Capitol
* Kamala Harris is lying about literally everything
* Alec Baldwin's fake Spanish wife
* Top 10 #FloridaMan stories of 2020
* Mother beats her children for not wearing masks in their own house
* A guy gets stabbed for something he did in a dream
* And more!

Plus, watch for appearances from jackass plastic surgeon Dr. Felsmere, aspiring Florida Man of the Year Chattahoochee Charlie and our favorite deranged vigilante the Steel City Enforcer!

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